I’m a male, early/mid thirties…

I have a special interest in bipolar (I have type I), spirituality, life’s journey, and recovery. During the day/night, I work in a factory. I spend outside time writing in my journals about many things.

Some day, I hope I can help many people who struggle with severe bipolar and their loved ones through what I write. This is an anonymous blog, and I’m reaching out to the world when I can, to strive for this goal of mine.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! Your blog is a good read!

    To share a little bit: I was diagnosed 2yrs ago after a psychotic break (you are not the only one :). I initially started off in denial that I had bipolar and refused to take any medication. Alas, 2 months later I was hospitalized again. It was the 2nd hospitalization that really hit me hard and helped me to come to the realization that I needed help and that I have an illness. I am now very diligent in keeping my ‘pet monster’ at bay, as I like to call it, and am doing pretty well in school again…

    Out of curiosity, did you then manage to go to college/graduate etc?


    1. Thank you for taking a gander, Benjy! I appreciate it! Doing well in school after two years – that’s pretty amazing, I have to say. Bravo!

      To answer your question, I decided to go to college less than a year after I was diagnosed, and I managed to will my way through a good 2 1/2 years with a decent GPA before it basically fell apart and I decided to withdraw. I started off as premed with the intention of specializing in psychiatry, but that changed to a psychology major.

      I hope to go back and finish, but I don’t know what I want my degree to be in yet, and money is an issue as well.


      1. Going back to school I did not know what to expect. I just don’t pull all-nighters like some of my classmates and I try to be more productive on my up-days to compensate for my low-days.

        I often tell myself that I have a ‘mood disorder’ and not a lack of intelligence. I guess we all just have to keep the faith and hope for the best


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