So today is my birthday. When I was younger, I celebrated being one year older, one year closer to the next thing. After, it was just depressing to hit that next birthday. Now, I look at it as a celebration of making it another year, even more so now that I’m alive and well. A birthday doesn’t have to mean you’re one year older. It depends on how you look at it!

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I am a male, mid thirties, diagnosed with severe bipolar I in 2004. It's a small part of my life, now. I love to write on my blog, where I am known simply as theothersid3. I have a special interest in bipolar, spirituality, philosophy, and recovery. During the day/night, I work in a factory. I spend time outside writing in my journals about many things. Some day, I hope I can help a lot of people who struggle with severe bipolar and their loved ones through what I write. This is an anonymous blog, and I'm reaching out to the world when I can, to strive for this goal of mine. My wife has enabled me to strive farther than I thought I ever could. I love you!

2 thoughts on “Birthdays”

  1. Yes indeed, its how we look at it 🙂
    You’ve been blessed to have come through another year of life, blessed with more steps on your journey. Through the ups and the downs we are molded into who we were meant to become. The process of becoming the finished product brings both joy and tears. Along the way we can inspire others and touch many lives in our efforts to share the love we were designed with by God above.
    Its our actions in life that make our mark. The way we treated our fellow humans, the words we spoke in all our living days, and how all of it made others feel. When our birthdays are over, we leave behind our legacy, made up of all of the above. Long after we’ve passed on out of this world, we are remembered by our name. I keep trying to think about what would come up or be said when my name is mentioned in those days. It really brings about a new perspective. I’m not living to please others, but to inspire and encourage. I just want to leave behind a positive legacy is all.
    God bless you, and Happy, Happy Birthday, dear friend!!!
    Much love!

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